8 Website Statistics Every Business Should Know

According to 38.5% of users, first impressions are crucial for businesses

Let’s think about how your site looks aesthetically. How sleek is it? Are the images you’re using of high quality? Poor design is cited as one of the biggest reasons users leave websites by nearly 39% of professional web developers.

Nearly half of Google searches are for local businesses

Regardless of whether you plan to expand your small business internationally, local SEO is still extremely important. 46% of searches look for local businesses. At least 72% of these searchers visited a local store afterward. Be sure to build a beautiful website and work on your SEO to take advantage of web-to-foot traffic.

Users spend 88% more time on web pages with video content

Video content is a great way to engage your audience. Videos have been shown to keep users on pages for 88% longer. The majority of users prefer watching videos over reading long text blocks.

On average, users spend about 45 seconds on a website.

Make those seconds count! From strategic placement of your logo to an eye-catching slogan. Make them want to stay, and if they don’t make them remember what they’re seeing.

Mobile devices (excluding tablets) accounted for 54.8 percent of total website traffic in 2021 first quarter.

This goes to show how important it is to have a responsive or in other words a web page that looks good on all devices is so important. Visiting a non-reactive website is not only inconvenient for potential customers, it also looks unprofessional.

An average user spends 5.94 seconds looking at the main image of a website.

This statistic shows us that users do pay attention to the main image on a website, so it is important that the image conveys the brand message effectively.

The top-left corner gets the attention first.

Users’ eye paths begin in the upper-left corner of your site and move down and right from there.

Eyequant’s eye-tracking study shows that the following areas get the most attention:

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73% of businesses invest in a unique design.

Your goods, services, and website must stand out in some way in the market given the level of competition. 73% of businesses accomplish this through making significant design investments.

In conclusion

As a small business owner, creating a stunning, well-optimized website should be one of your top concerns. It greatly strengthens your internet marketing efforts while also boosting your professional reputation through brand recognition.

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